Terms & Conditions

Sculpture Trail Baytown


The Sculpture Trail will not accept sculpture entries that are identical to sculptures already installed or to be installed in other similar public art programs within a 200-mile radius of Baytown.  If a sculpture in this circumstance has already been placed in the Sculpture Trail exhibition it will not be eligible for any awards.  All sales will be subject to 30% sales commission benefiting the Historic Baytown Arts Culture and Entertainment Council, a 501(c)3 organization.  All works must be family friendly in subject matter to be considered for this exhibition.  The sculptures selected for the exhibition are owned by the artist and loaned to the exhibit for a period of one year.  Additionally, the sculpture is subject to be selected for lease for an additional by a local business.  If leased, the lease fee is subject to the same 30% commission.  The Sculpture Trail will provide liability and Inland Marine comprehensive insurance on all sculptures.



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