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"Hope" is a bronze sculpture and she is loosely based on the Greek myth of Pandora, who , after letting out all of the evil in world, discovered at the bottom of her box, hope. I feel that "hope" is the most thing that we have in life because it is always there no matter what.

Default Category    60 x 30 x 30    $8,000.00    250   

Description of Artwork
1. "Courage"- “Courage” was inspired by my awe and respect for all the innovators and risk takers
in the early stages of aviation. From Leonardo Da Vinci’s wings to the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. It took great courage and strength and to reach for the sky and learn to FLY.
2. "Letting Go" - Inspired by the desire to let go of fear that keep us from pursuing our dreams.
3. "Hope"- When you're at what seems like the very bottom look around because that is where you will find Hope.