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“Heart” is meant to represent “Life” in a myriad of ways; life for each of us is central to our perceptions and “Heart” radiates in and out much like our lives. A person’s life can change at one time radiating out as we interact with others and our community; then it can close in just as the whole world has done during the pandemic.

“Heart” is large-scale fabrication using mild steel with a painted surface; the sculpture is 5 feet wide, 5 feet tall and 5 feet deep. Heart is very stable and requires no anchoring; the piece will sit very well on level ground.

Default Category    60 x 60 x 60    $13,000.00    1200   

Description of Artwork
The work is structural in nature drawing from constructivism, minimalism and architecture. The use of simple geometric shapes establishes a level of recognition for the viewer. The forms represent windows and doors; windows, which allow a view through to the other side and doors which can block the view but allow passage through. The work also references city skylines; these references are not literal but symbolic to ideas, images and emotions; simple in its form and complex in its construction