"small celebration"

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"small celebration"
“small celebration” is 3 feet by 14 feet by three and a half feet of painted mild steel; it has a small footprint with extended vertical elements to give the impression of reaching to the sky in celebration. it meant to appear up lifting and celebratory as though reaching for the sky. The intention is that the viewer feels a sense of happiness and joy when viewing this sculpture. The cool blue surface is intended to sparkle in the sunlight in order to add to the feeling of celebration.

Default Category    168 x 36 x 42    $12,000.00    1200   

Description of Artwork
The work is structural in nature drawing from constructivism, minimalism and architecture. The use of simple geometric shapes establishes a level of recognition for the viewer. The forms represent windows and doors; windows, which allow a view through to the other side and doors which can block the view but allow passage through. The work also references city skylines; these references are not literal but symbolic to ideas, images and emotions; simple in its form and complex in its construction