Saturday's Distraction I

Saturday's Distraction I, Default Category
Saturday's Distraction I
Bronze of young man distracted by his book. So Distracted he forgets about his melting ice cream cone and his pup who is about to take care of any drips. His baseball glove tucked into his belts tells us he is late to the sandlot game. A homemade skiing shot in his back pocket says even rough and ready young boys can like to read./Users/leeleuning/Pictures/kids/4. Sat Distraction 1.jpg/Users/leeleuning/Pictures/kids/IMG_2530.jpg/Users/leeleuning/Pictures/kids/2 2.jpg

Default Category    45 x 28 x 22    $20,000.00   

Description of Artwork
We create bronze figurative sculpture. Our work is extremely accurate in finish and anatomic detail. Our Americana themed sculptures are extremely popular over a wide range of the public. We have over 25 sculptures juried in each year in multiple public venue sculpture walks and they consistently win "People's Choice" and "Judge's Choice" Awards.