Fruits of the Good Earth

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Fruits of the Good Earth
Fruits of the Good Earth
This bronze was created as part of a proposal for a signature work at Good Earth State Park in southeastern South Dakota. Good Earth is “one of the oldest sites of long-term human habitation in the United States. The river, abundant wildlife, fertile flood plains, availability of pipestone (catlinite) and protection from winds made the area an important gathering place for seasonal ceremonies and a significant trading center for many tribal peoples from 1300 - 1700 A.D.
During this time, occupants were primarily Oneota Tradition Peoples, including Omaha, Ponca, Ioway and Otoe, but many other tribes were attracted and participated in trading agricultural product as well as hides, pelts and pipestone.”

Artists were asked to take up the theme of peace in their proposals for the work, and with that in mind I tried to conceive the sculpture from the point of view of the people who once lived at Good Earth. What would peace mean to them? A time of peace would be a time for abundance and growth. Time to raise children and to gather in a good harvest. Time for hunting the buffalo that provide food and materials and shelter from the weather. These things are reflected in the bounty laid at the feet of the figures and in the buffalo robes they wear. The pots are filled with corn and beans, and their design is taken from what is known about Oneota culture.

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Description of Artwork
Figurative and portrait sculpture in the classic tradition.